Dutch Office Fund offers office premises in high-quality, sustainable office buildings.


Socially responsible and environmentally conscious

Dutch Office Fund is also one of the leaders on the Dutch office market when it comes to sustainability. We as organisation recognize the impact of our buildings on the environment and society and we’re aware that we too are responsible for reducing our buildings’ CO2 emissions. That’s why we devote a great deal of attention to sustainability in all our buildings. More information about the sustainability policy of CBRE Global Investors Funds and English can be found on www.sustainabledutchfunds.com.

An effective reduction of CO2 emissions is the joint responsibility of a building’s owner and users and we therefore support our tenants in optimising their own plants, fixtures and systems when it comes to sustainability.

It’s our ambition to ensure that our property portfolio continues to serve as an example of sustainability in the property sector, to contribute to the government’s climate targets and to improve the human environment in The Netherlands.

Our ambition is to be the leading provider of sustainable real estate products in our peer group, providing our tenants with the most sustainable housing solutions and offering a sustainable office investment to our investors. In 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 the Fund was ranked in the annual GRESB Survey as a Green Star, which is the leading category. Furthermore we achieved the status of sector leader in 2013 and 2014. We view the GRESB survey as a benchmark for sustainable performance. We are delighted that we keep developing and improving our current performance, reaching higher levels of outperformance year by year which contributes to the overall goal.


Green Action Plan 2010 – 2013
The objectives for 2010-2013 were focused on the different processes within the internal organization (acquisition, operation, refurbishment, redevelopment and disposal) of the fund. The CBRE Dutch Office Fund is particularly proud on the successful refurbishment and redevelopment of respectively Beatrix II and Nieuw Amsterdam Gebouw. Furthermore the year by year improvement of the GRESB results reflect the commitment and dedication of the CBRE Dutch Office Fund to further implement sustainable measurements in the portfolio and make it an inseparable part of our daily operations. More information on www.sustainabledutchfunds.com

Green Action Plan 2014 – 2017
The CBRE Dutch Office Funds’ objectives for 2014-2017 focus on the real estate supply chain as a whole. The Fund recognizes the importance of sustainable behavior in the total real estate supply chain and the possibilities of cooperation with the stakeholders within the supply chain. Stakeholders have been identified for our Fund and per stakeholder we have decided in what way we will ask them to participate in, and inform them about, sustainability and sustainable performance. 

1. Shareholders
Actively provide shareholders relevant information regarding sustainability within the CBRE Dutch Office Fund portfolio and create awareness about the added value of sustainability in real estate investments.

2. The Fund
Emphasis on sustainable ratings of individual properties and CO2 reduction of the portfolio.

3. CBRE Global Investors NL
The asset manager will provide sustainable services and ensures that her suppliers comply with the same sustainable measures as the suppliers of The CBRE Dutch Office Fund.

4. Suppliers
Suppliers will be actively involved in sustainability by signing the sustainability declaration and by providing feedback on their sustainable performance.

5. Tenants
Actively share information about energy consumption and sustainability improvements with tenants and meet the key tenants on a regular basis to discuss the sustainability possibilities.